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Catch-22 by Joseph Heller


  • Yossarian (ch 1) — Protagonist and captain of the fighting 256th squadron. Despises the war he fights in.
  • Nurse Duckett (ch 1) — Nurse at the military hospital.
  • Dunbar (ch 1) — Yossarian's friend.
  • The Chaplain (ch 1) — Real name A.T.Tappman. Laments his inability to help.
  • The Texan (ch 1) — Military hospital patient. Incessant talker.
  • Soldier in White (ch 1) — Military hospital patient. Can't use arms or legs and dies quickly.
  • Clevinger (ch 2) — Officer. Patriotic and supportive of the war.
  • Orr (ch 2) — Yossarian's roommate and friend.
  • Milo Minderbinder (ch 2) — Black market trader whose syndicate grows enormously.
  • Doc Daneeka (ch 2) — Resentful medical officer. Had a prosperous business back in America.
  • Colonel Cathcart (ch 2) — Yossarian's superior. Raises bar for discharge continually and volunteers his men to try to get a promotion.
  • Huple (ch 3) — Young pilot and Hungry Joe's roommate.
  • Hungry Joe (ch 3) — Pilot. Former photographer for Life and very perverted.
  • P.P. Peckem (ch 3) — Overly neat general aspiring to take over Yossarian's squadron.
  • General Dreedle (ch 3) — General in command of Yossarian.
  • Colonel Cargill (ch 3) — Peckem's troubleshooter. Incompetent and able to "run the most prosperous enterprise into the ground."
  • Havermeyer (ch 3) — Lead bombardier. Known for fearlessness.
  • McWatt (ch 3) — Cheery pilot of Yossarian's plane. Labeled crazy by Yossarian.
  • Sergeant Knight (ch 3) — Sita in the back of Yossarian's plane.
  • Captain Aardvark (ch 3) — Navigator in Yossarian's plane.
  • Gus (ch 4) — Enlisted medical man with Wes. Amazingly efficient.
  • Wes (ch 4) — Enlisted medical man with Gus. Amazingly efficient.
  • Captian Black (ch 4) — Intelligence officer. Wears eyeglasses and uses big words.
  • Lt. Colonel Korn (ch 4) — Served und Cathcart. Assigned to prevent headquarters receiving questions and uses a Catch-22 to do it.
  • Appleby (ch 4) — Fit squadron member. Amazing at Ping-Pong.
  • Colonel Moodus (ch 4) — Son-in-law of Dreedle, Dreedle's aide, and subject of Dreedle's hate.
  • Wintergreen (ch 4) — Ex-P.F.C. good at manipulating official documents.
  • Nurse Cramer (ch 5) — Another hospital nurse.
  • Chief White Halfoat (ch 5) — Oklahoma Indian. Back home, had a knack for making residence on land with oil and tracked by oil companies for this reason.
  • Dobbs (ch 5) — Copilot with McWatt in Yossarian's plane.
  • Snowden (ch 5) — Soldier that died on an earlier mission. His death enlightens Yossarian about war.
  • Sergeant Towser (ch 6) — Handles the orders received from headquarters. Scapegoat when expected discharges do not come.
  • Captain Flume (ch 6) — Quiet public-relations officer. Work-obsessed and paranoid.
  • Major Major Major Major (ch 6) — Friendless officer promoted to Major on his first day in the army by computer error. Father had a unique brand of humor.
  • Major Duluth (ch 6) — Killed over Perugia.
  • Major Danby (ch 6) — Operations officer once a college professor.
  • Corporal Snark (ch 7) — Milo's former chef that poisoned Milo's squadron with GI soap.
  • Lieutenant Scheisskopf (ch 8) — Power-obsessed ROTC graduate.
  • Scheisskopf's Wife (ch 8) — Promiscous wife of Scheisskopf who has been intimate with everyone under Scheisskopf's command.
  • Dori Duz (ch 8) — Young friend of Scheisskopf's wife, daring and equally promiscuous.
  • Lieutenant Engle (ch 8) — Discusses Scheisskopf with Travers.
  • Lieutenant Travers (ch 8) — Discusses Scheisskopf with Engle.
  • Lieutenant Bemis (ch 8) — Lieutenant referenced by Engle and Travers.
  • Major Metcalf (ch 8) — Member of Action Board overly concerned with protocol.
  • Major -- de Coverley (ch 9) — Fearsome enough to prevent people for asking for his first name.
  • Mudd (ch 10) — Soldier that died beore reporting for duty.
  • Dr. Stubbs (ch 10) — Cynical medical officer.
  • Corporal Kolodny (ch 11) — Informs Captain Black of information.
  • Nately (ch 12) — Young boy from upper-class home that falls in love with a whore.
  • Kraft (ch 13) — Pilot in Yossarian's plane, killed when Yossarian needlessly flew over a target twice.
  • Kid Sampson (ch 14) — Yossarian's pilot for Bologna.
  • Captain Piltchard (ch 15) — One of the men that rakes Yossarian for turning back at Bologna.
  • Captain Wren (ch 15) — One of the men that rakes Yossarian for turning back at Bologna.
  • Luciana (ch 16) — Italian girl Yossarian falls in love with.
  • The soldier who saw everything twice (ch 18) — Hospitalized soldier Yossarian imitates.
  • Giuseppe (ch 18) — A dead soldier Yossarian is ordered to imitate when the family visits.
  • Corporal Whitcomb (ch 20) — Atheistic assistant to the chaplain.
  • Nately's Whore (ch 23) — Roman whore that Nately pursues. Eventually falls in love with Nately shortly before his death.
  • Nately's Whore's Sister (ch 23) — Twelve years old. Constantly interrupts Nately's trysts with her sister.
  • A. Fortiori (ch 26) — Soldier accidentally sent home as a result of Yossarian being declared insane and his identity switching.
  • Major Sanderson (ch 27) — Psychiatrist at the hospital. More interested in his own problems.
  • Yossarian's Roommates (ch 32) — Unnamed, naive people assigned to room with Yossarian after Orr's disappearance.
  • Lou (ch 33) — One of the officers who keeps Nately's Whore.
  • Ned (ch 33) — One of the officers who keeps Nately's Whore.
  • Bill (ch 33) — One of the officers who keeps Nately's Whore.
  • Filpo (ch 33) — One of the officers who keeps Nately's Whore.

Chapter Summaries

  1. The Texan - Yossarian and his comrades fake illnesses to get out of the war effort until the annoyances of the Texan make them all "get better."
  2. Clevinger - Out of the hospital, Yossarian reflects on the idiocy of the war and learns that Colonel Cathcart has raised the mission quota for discharge.
  3. Havermeyer: Doc Daneeka advises Yossarian to be a fearless pilot like Havermeyer, advice that Yossarian refuses.
  4. Doc Daneeka: Doc Daneeka talks about his business back home. Wintergreen causes a panic among some high officers by telephoning the name T.S.Eliot.
  5. Chief White Halfoat: Yossarian begs Doc Daneeka to keep him out of service and gets an explanation of Catch-22 back.
  6. Hungry Joe: Hungry Joe's current pretend and past actual role as a Life photographer are described. Halfoat breaks Moodus's nose, and Dreedle wishes to see this repeated.
  7. McWatt: Yossarian reflects on McWatt's cheeriness, concluding that he is crazy. Milo gives Yossarian a taste of his hopes and economic ideas, with McWatt's blanket a casualty.
  8. Lieutenant Scheisskopf: Clevinger muses about how Lieutenant Scheisskopf, along with many other superiors, hate him, and can't figure out why.
  9. Major Major Major Major: Major Major's past and unimpressive nature is described. He is the instigator of the Washington Irving signatures and begins wearing bad disguises when the C.I.D. men come.
  10. Wintergreen: Clevinger's plane disappears. Yossarian reflects on Mudd whose belongings he still has.
  11. Captain Black: Captain Black is excited to hear Cathcart has taken a new mission for his men, bringing him out of a depression spawned by jealousy of Major Major.
  12. Bologna: Yossarian makes sure Snark poisons the food again. Everyone gets diarrhea and does not fly.
  13. Major -- de Coverley: Yossarian tricks Major -- de Coverley into moving into Bologna, an enemy area. de Coverley is now missing.
  14. Kid Sampson: Yossarian decides not to fly over the target and has the plane go back. Bologna is bombed perfectly by the rest due to good weather.
  15. Piltchard & Wren: Yossarian must fly Bologna again. There is return fire this time. Yossarian does not die but others do, and he gets rest leave to Rome.
  16. Luciana: Yossarian buys Luciana dinner and dances with her, then fornicates with her. Luciana responds to Yossarian's proposal by telling that he's crazy to try to wed a girl that's not a virgin.
  17. The Soldier in White: Cathcart raises the mission number again. Yossarian goes back to the hospital and reflects on Snowden.
  18. The Soldier Who Saw Everything Twice: Yossarian reflects on his first time in the hospital.
  19. Colonel Cathcart: The chaplain and Cathcart argue about things. Cathcart ignores the chaplain when he mentions complaints about the mission requirements being raised.
  20. Corporal Whitcomb: The chaplain bemoans his inability to help anyone.
  21. General Dreedle: Cathcart has a vendetta on Yossarian and wonders if his name is a subversive reference to socialism, with all of the S's.
  22. Milo the Mayor: Snowden's death is explained. Milo's incredible black market influence is revealed as M & M Enterprises.
  23. Nately's Old Man: Nately argues with his whore about their relationship, and later and with an old man about whether Italy or America are doing better in the war.
  24. Milo: Milo's enterprises are huge. The guns that shot down Mudd are Milo's. The camp is bombed by Milo's planes.
  25. The Chaplain: The chaplain is confused about his inability to do anything good, and starts to doubt God.
  26. Aarfy: Yossarian is wounded by flak on a flight. At the hospital, he and Dunbar order lower-ranked soldiers to switch beds and thus identites before being caught by nurses.
  27. Nurse Duckett: Yossarian and Dunbar sexually abuse Nurse Duckett. Yossarian is sent to Major Sanderson, the psychiatrist.
  28. Dobbs: Dobbs decides not to kill Cathcart and suggests Orr instead. After Orr and Yossarian discuss things, Orr vanishes on his next mission.
  29. Peckem: A bombing mission of an undefended village is done to get good publicity photographs, as ordered by Peckem.
  30. Dunbar: McWatt accidentally slices Kid Sampson in half, and immediately pilots the plane into a mountain, killing himself.
  31. Mrs. Daneeka: Altered records make Doc Daneeka improperly reported dead due to the crash of yesterday. He loses contact with his wife and no longer has a job as a result.
  32. Yo-Yo's Roomies: With Orr missing, Yossarian finds himself with new roommates. They eventually cause Yossarian to run to Rome with Hungry Joe.
  33. Nately's Whore: Yossarian and Nately get Nately's whore away from some officers that are keeping her. Nately has delusions of turning his whore into a nice girl; she resists.
  34. Thanksgiving: Yossarian breaks Nately's nose and learns the doctors are to "disappear" Dunbar.
  35. Milo the Militant: Milo tricks Cathcart into giving him no more missions. A particularly deadly mission is assigned. Dobbs and Nately die.
  36. The Cellar: The chaplain is convicted of unnamed crimes due to the letter Yossarian wrote at the book's beginning. Peckem has replaced Dreedle.
  37. General Scheisskopf: Peckem learns Scheisskopf is now his superior. Parades are now mandatory.
  38. Kid Sister: Yossarian refuses to fly more missions. He tells Nately's whore that Nately has died, and she responds by repeatedly attempting to stab him to death.
  39. The Eternal City: Rome is in ruins. Yossarian discusses Catch-22 with the old woman that lived in the whores' apartment. He is arrested for not having a leave pass.
  40. Catch-22: Cathcart and Korn decide to send Yossarian home, stipulating that Yossarian must like them and support them. Yossarian agrees; Nately's Whore stabs him again.
  41. Snowden: Yossarian learns his last friend, Hungry Joe, died in his sleep. Yossarian remembers how he tried to heal Snowden, but only spilled his entrails.
  42. Yossarian: Yossarian decides to go back on his deal with the colonels, deciding he can't betray his friends. He decides to go to Sweden and escape the war.

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