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Dune by Frank Herbert


Book One - DUNE
  • Paul Atreides (ch 1) — son of Duke Leto, Muad'Dib (The One Who Points The Way)
  • Lady Jessica (ch 1) — Paul's mother, Duke Leto's concubine
  • Gaius Helen Mohiam (ch 1) — a Reverend Mother of the Bene Gesserit and the emperor's truthsayer
  • Baron Vladimir Harkonnen (ch 2) — leader of the Harkonnens and sworn enemy of the Atreides house
  • Feyd Rautha (ch 2) — Baron Vladimir Harkonnen's nephew
  • Piter de Vries (ch 2) — Baron Vladimir Harkonnen's Mentat
  • Thufir Hawat (ch 4) — Duke Leto's Mentat Master of Assassins
  • Gurney Halleck (ch 4) — Paul's combat teacher, a troubadour warrior
  • Duncan Idaho (ch 4) — Paul's weapons teacher, swordmaster of the Ginaz
  • Dr. Wellington Yueh (ch 5) — one of Paul's teachers and traitor to the House Atreides
  • Duke Leto Atreides (ch 6) — Paul's father
  • Shadout Mapes (ch 7) — a Fremen woman, head housekeeper for Lady Jessica
  • Stilgar (ch 12) — a Fremen chief
  • Dr. Liet-Kynes (ch 15) — planetary ecologist for Arrakis and visionary leader of the Fremen
Book Two - MUAD'DIB
  • Rabban Beast (ch 4) — Baron Vladimir Harkonnen's nephew
  • Chani (ch 9) — Liet's daughter and a member of Stilgar's sietch
  • Jamis (ch 9) — a member of Stilgar's sietch
  • Count Hasimir Fenring (ch 13) — courtier to the Padishah Emperor
  • Lady Margot Fenring (ch 13) — courtier to the Padishah Emperor and graduate of the Bene Gesserit school
  • Harah (ch 14) — Jamis' wife, for whom Paul takes responsibility after besting Jamis in battle
  • Kalef (ch 15) — son of Harah and Geoff (a past husband), age ten
  • Orlop (ch 15) — son of Harah and Jamis, age eight
Book Three - THE PROPHET
  • Leto II (ch 3) — son of Paul and Chani
  • Alia (ch 3) — Paul's sister, daughter of Duke Leto and Lady Jessica
  • Chatt the Leaper (ch 3) — captain of the Fedaykin, an organization sworn to protect Muad'Dib
  • Padishah Emperor Saddam IV (ch 9) — ruler of the Imperium during Paul's lifetime
  • Princess Irulan (ch 10) — daughter of the Padishah Emperor

Chapter Summaries

Book One - DUNE
  1. Paul passes the mysterious test of the gom jabbar.
  2. The Baron Vladimir Harkonnen explains his scheme to seize Arrakis from Duke Leto.
  3. The Reverend Mother rebuffs Jessica for bearing a son instead of a daughter, and Paul explains his dream of a strange blue-eyed woman.
  4. Paul prepares to leave Caladan and spars with Gurney Halleck.
  5. Dr. Yueh presents Paul with the gift of an Orange Catholic Bible.
  6. The Duke and Paul discuss dangers the Atreides will face on Arrakis, and Paul agrees to continue with his heretofore secret Mentat training.
  7. They arrive on Arrakis. The Lady Jessica passes the Shadout Mapes' test and receives a crysknife.
  8. Dr. Yueh completes the next step in his plan of betrayal. He and Lady Jessica discuss life in the service of Duke Leto.
  9. Paul escapes an assassination attempt. The Shadout Mapes is aware that the house holds a traitor, but does not know his identity.
  10. Lady Jessica, exploring the house, stumbles onto a wet-life conservatory. Inside, she finds a note left by Margot Lady Fenring, warning her of danger to her son's life.
  11. Halleck arrives with his final squadron of soldiers and receives orders to recruit veteran spice hunters to work with House Atreides.
  12. Duke Leto plans to ally with the Fremen and begin harvesting spice. Meanwhile, a Fremen sacrifices his life to protect the duke and his men.
  13. Hawat shows the Duke an intercepted note implicating Lady Jessica as the traitor.
  14. The Duke informs Paul of his plan to pretend to distrust Lady Jessica.
  15. Dr. Kynes accompanies Paul and the Duke on a trip into the desert, during which he answers their questions about life on Arrakis, the worms, and spice harvesting. They witness a worm attack a spice harvester.
  16. At a dinner party hosted by Duke Leto, the important policymakers on Arrakis make fragile alliances. The Duke recovers the lost carry-all from the Harkonnens.
  17. A drunken Idaho reveals suspicions about Lady Jessica's loyalties, and she privately reflects on her pregnancy.
  18. After finding the dying Shadout Mapes, Duke Leto is attacked by Yueh and becomes a weapon to kill the Baron.
  19. Paul and Lady Jessica awake in the Baron's captivity and escape, pursued by Harkonnens.
  20. Dr. Yueh reveals that despite his treachery against the Duke, he has assigned Duncan Idaho to save Paul and Lady Jessica.
  21. The Baron kills Yueh. The Duke activates a poison capsule installed by the doctor, killing himself and Piter de Vries.
  22. As he and his mother hide in the desert, Paul has his first taste of prescience as the Lisan al-Gaib and realizes that his mother is daughter to the Baron.
Book Two - MUAD'DIB
  1. As Paul and his mother seek shelter, they witness the Harkonnen efforts to exterminate the Atreides across Arrakis.
  2. Hawat and his few remaining soldiers join a band of Fremen for protection and are ambushed by Sardaukar.
  3. Idaho and Kynes rescue Paul and Lady Jessica out of the desert. When the Sardaukar track them down, Paul and Lady Jessica escape in a 'thopter into a sandstorm.
  4. The Baron, believing Paul and Lady Jessica are dead, plans to convert the captured Hawat and install Rabban Beast as ruler of Arrakis.
  5. Paul and Lady Jessica escape the sandstorm and take cover in a small cave, almost losing their suplies in a sandslide.
  6. Gurney Halleck, thinking Paul and Duke Leto are dead, pledges his sword to the smuggler Staban Tuek.
  7. As Paul and Lady Jessica continue searching for Fremen in the desert, they narrowly escape a worm attack. They are ambushed by water-seeking Fremen.
  8. Abandoned in the desert by Harkonnens, Kynes has delirious visions of his father before being killed by an explosion of underground gases.
  9. Paul and Lady Jessica prove their worth to a Fremen tribe, which promises protection in exchange.
  10. As Paul and Jessica take shelter with Stilgar's sietch, Jessica fulfills an ancient Fremen prophecy about the Lisan al-Gaib, and Paul gets another taste of his spice-induced prescience.
  11. By besting Jamis in his tahaddi-challenge to the death, Paul earns himself the private tribe name Usul and chooses the public alias Paul-Muad'Dib.
  12. During Jamis' funeral ceremony, Stilgar shows Paul and Jessica a vast store of Fremen water and explains Liet's plan to eventually remake Ararakis as a water-rich planet.
  13. Feyd-Rautha wins an apparently rigged battle against a slave-gladiator, but the Count and Lady Fenring realize the fight was a premeditated act to win the respect of the inhabitants of Giedi Prime.
  14. Paul accepts responsibility for Jamis' wife and children as a result of winning the tahaddi-challenge.
  15. Jessica becomes a Reverend Mother among the Fremen and Paul, in another bout of prescience, sees himself and Chani together for the rest of their lives.
Book Three - THE PROPHET
  1. The Baron escapes an assassination attempt orchestrated by Feyd-Rautha.
  2. Thufir Hawat helps the Baron plan to retake control of Arrakis.
  3. To truly become a Fremen, Paul prepares to ride a "maker."
  4. Alia explains how she became a Reverend Mother when Jessica changed the Water of Life. Tharthar reports that the tribe has decreed Paul must call out Stilgar and take command.
  5. Paul successfully rides a worm and narrowly escapes a scouting 'thopter.
  6. Gurney and his smugglers walk into an ambush set by Paul and the Fremen. Once captured, the Sardaukar among the smugglers reveal themseles, but Paul allows them to live.
  7. Paul eschews tradition and refuses to call out Stilgar, then convinces Gurney that Jessica was not the traitor. Later, he drinks the Water of Life.
  8. Three weeks later, Chani arrives and pulls him out of his coma for him to reveal that the planet is surrounded by Imperial forces.
  9. Paul holds off the fleet by threatening to destroy the spice. He receives a message that his son is dead and Alia has been taken captive.
  10. Alia escapes as the Emperor comes under attack by the Fremen.
  11. After killing Feyd-Rautha in a duel, Paul promises to marry Princess Irulan to unite the Great Houses of the Landsraad.

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