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Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card


  • Andrew “Ender” Wiggin (ch 1)—a six-year old boy at the beginning of the book.
  • Stilson (ch 1)—the boy with whom Ender gets into a fight.
  • Valentine Wiggin (ch 2)—Ender’s sister, who is 2 years older than he.
  • Peter Wiggin (ch 2)— Ender’s brother, who is 4 years older than he.
  • Colonel Hyrum Graff (ch 3)—the director of primary training at Battle School in the belt.
  • Dap (ch 5)—the adult in charge of Ender's Launch Group.
  • Mick (ch 5)—an older boy Ender meets in Battle School.
  • Bernard (ch 5)—a member of Ender's Launch Group.
  • Shen (ch 5)—a member of Ender's Launch Group.
  • Alai (ch 6)—a member of Ender's Launch Group.
  • Bonito "Bonzo" de Madrid (ch 7)—the commander of Salamander Army.
  • Petra Arkanian (ch 7)—the only girl in Salamander Army.
  • Major Anderson (ch 8)—Graff's subordinate who sometimes questions Graff's tactics at Battle School.
  • "Rose de Nose" Rosen (ch 8)—the commander of Rat Army.
  • Dink Meeker (ch 8)—the leader of Ender's toon in Rat Army.
  • Major Imbu (ch 9)—Graff's subordinate responsible for the computer games in Battle School.
  • Dr. Lineberry (ch 9)—Valentine's principal at Western Guilford Middle School.
  • Bean (ch 10)—the youngest member of Dragon Army.
  • Carn Carby (ch 11)—the commander of Rabbit Army.
  • General Pace (ch 12)—chief of I.F. military police.
  • Admiral Chamrajnagar (ch 14)—the director of Command School.
  • Mazer Rackham (ch 14)—the Second Invasion's hero and Ender's teacher.
  • Abra (ch 15)—a young colonist.

Chapter Summaries

  1. Third) Ender's monitor is removed, and after school he gets into a fight.
  2. Peter) Peter threatens Ender, but Valentine defends him.
  3. Graff) Ender is visited by two officers from the International Fleet, and he decides to accept the offer to attend Battle School.
  4. Launch) Ender speaks with Graff, and on the way to Battle School, Ender breaks a boy's arm.
  5. Games) Ender uses the message system to break Bernard's control of the Launch Group.
  6. The Giant’s Drink) In the battleroom and with Alai's help, Ender is able to unite the Launch Group. Later, Ender beats the Giant's guessing game.
  7. Salamander) In Fairyland, Ender reaches the End of the World. In Salamander Army, Ender is forbidden from drills, but he trains with Petra and his former Launchy group. After a number of battles, Ender is traded to Rat Army.
  8. Rat) Dink adopts Ender's feet-first method and explains his theories about Battle School and politics. Ender's practie with the Launchy group is attacked. In the fantasy game, Ender crushes the snake and confronts the mirror.
  9. Locke and Demosthenes) When Ender turns eight years old, Valentine and Peter decide to enter public life through the nets. When Ender is nine and a toon leader in Phoenix Army, he receives a letter from Valentine that she was urged by Graff to write. Valentine's form joins Ender in the fantasy game.
  10. Dragon) Ender is promoted to the commander of Dragon Army, and he begins their training.
  11. Veni Vidi Vici) Dragon Army defeats Rabbit Army, Phoenix Army, and all other armies it fights. Ender begins studying videos of the First and Second Invasion. Graff meets with Ender, and Ender meets with Bean.
  12. Bonzo) Ender fights Bonzo in the shower and afterwards defeats two armies in the battleroom. Ender is promoted to Command School. The deaths are revealed.
  13. Valentine) On Earth Valentine visits a ten-year old Ender and convinces him to continue his training. On the way to I.F. Command on Eros, Graff explains to Ender the plans for the Third Invasion.
  14. Ender’s Teacher) Ender is trained by Mazer Rackham at Command School and defeats the buggers. War briefly breaks out on Earth.
  15. Speaker for the Dead) Graff retires to Earth, Peter gains power on Earth, Ender and Valentine colonize a bugger planet. Ender discovers the Giant's corpse and becomes a Speaker for the Dead.

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