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Franny and Zooey by J.D. Salinger


  • Franny Glass (Part 1: Franny) —Protagonist of Franny, college student, actress and English major, youngest of Glass children
  • Lane Coutell (Part 1: Franny) — Franny's boyfriend
  • Buddy Glass (Part 1: Zooey)—Narrator of Zooey section, writer/teacher, second eldest Glass sibling
  • Zooey Glass (Part 1:Zooey)— Protagonist of Zooey, twenty-five year old television actor, brother to Franny
  • Mrs. Glass (Bessie) (Part 2: Zooey)- Mother of Glass children, previously a vaudeville star
  • Seymour Glass- (Part 1: Zooey)- Deceased, eldest brother of Glass family

Chapter Summaries

  1. Franny- Part 1: (pgs3-21)- Lane and Franny go out to eat at Sickler's and discuss literature. Lane gets irritated at Franny for her sarcasm, opinions, and "overgeneralizations" and Franny feels sick and heads for the restroom.
  2. Franny-Part 2: (pgs21-46)- Franny has a breakdown in the restroom and an argument with Lane. Franny faints again and they decide to have a quite night instead of attending the football game.
  3. Zooey-Part 1: (pgs47-69)- Zooey sits in the bathtub reading a letter from Buddy. Buddy tells Zooey that desipite Bessie's dreams for him to get a Ph.D, he should do whatever he wants in life but to give it everything he's got.
  4. Zooey- Part 2: (pgs69-119) Zooey, in the bathtub, is accosted by Bessie who pesters him about toothpaste, his manuscript and taking care of Franny in her state of distress. (Zooey continually lapses into fits of arguing, trying to be left alone with his manuscript but Bessie persists)
  5. Zooey- Part 3: (pgs119-173) Zooey and Franny talk about her dreams, the religion seminar professor that hates her, and acting. Franny says she does not understand Jesus, Zooey talks to her about religion.
  6. Zooey-Part 4: (pgs173-End) Zooey reads Seymour's old diary, Buddy calls, they all chat with him. Bessie continues to pester Franny about her distressed state and they discuss Franny's pilgrim book. They all settle down after the talk and Franny, relieved, falls asleep happily.

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