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Lord of the Flies by William Golding


  • Ralph (ch 1)—a boy with fair hair.
  • Piggy (ch 1)—a fat boy with glasses and asthma.
  • Johnny (ch 1)—one of the smallest children on the island.
  • Sam ’n Eric (ch 1)—the twins.
  • Jack Merridew (ch 1)—the red-headed leader of the choir.
  • Maurice (ch 1)—a choir boy.
  • Roger (ch 1)—a “slight, furtive boy.”
  • Simon (ch 1)—a choir boy who suffers from fainting spells.
  • unnamed (ch 2)—a small boy with a mulberry-colored birthmark.
  • Percival (ch 4)—a littlun who plays little and cries often.
  • Henry (ch 4)— a littlun who is distantly related to the boy with the birthmark.
  • Phil (ch 5)—a littlun who walks in his sleep and has nightmares.

Chapter Summaries

  1. The Sound of the Shell) Ralph meets Piggy. Ralph calls a meeting of all the boys, and he scouts the island with Jack and Simon.
  2. Fire on the Mountain) At that evening’s meeting, Ralph reports and a little ’un with a birthmark asks about the beastie. They build a fire on the mountain, and the fire spreads before nightfall.
  3. Huts on the Beach) Jack returns from an unsuccessful hunt and argues with Ralph, who had been working on the shelters. Simon steals away to a secret place.
  4. Painted Faces and Long Hair) Roger threatens littluns making sand castles. Jack paints his face and leads a hunt. Ralph spots a ship and confronts Jack on the mountaintop.
  5. Beast from Water) Ralph calls an assembly at night to talk about the rules and about fear, but the assembly goes all wrong.
  6. Beast from Air) When tending the fire, Sam ’n Eric see the beast. After a quick, early-morning assembly, Ralph and Jack go to Castle Rock to look for it.
  7. Shadows and Tall Trees) The older boys take the long way back from castle rock. After dark, Ralph, Jack, and Roger climb the mountain and see the beast.
  8. Gift for the Darkness) Jack calls an assembly but leaves, humiliated. A fire is built on the beach, but many of the hunters go to join Jack. That night, Simon climbs the mountain, and Jack steals fire and invites the rest of the boys to join him.
  9. A View to a Death) At the top of the mountain Simon discovers the beast for what it really is. During a dance in a rainstorm, the other boys mistake him for the beast.
  10. The Shell and the Glasses) Ralph, Piggy, and Sam ’n Eric reflect upon what has happened. That night, Piggy’s glasses are taken.
  11. Castle Rock) After a brief assembly the next morning, Ralph, Piggy, and Sam ’n Eric go to Castle Rock to demand Piggy’s glasses be returned. Piggy is killed.
  12. Cry of the Hunters) Ralph is hunted, the island is destroyed, and the children are rescued.

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