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Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen


  • Mr. Bennet (ch 1)—the owner of Longbourn and father of 5 daughters.
  • Mrs. Bennet (ch 1)—the mistress of Longbourn.
  • Jane Bennet (ch 3)—the eldest and most beautiful daughter of Mr. Bennet.
  • Elizabeth Bennet (ch 2)—the 2nd oldest daughter; nicknamed “Lizzy” and “Eliza.”
  • Mary Bennet (ch 3)—the 3rd daughter.
  • Catherine Bennet (ch 2)—the 4th daughter; nicknamed “Kitty.”
  • Lydia Bennet (ch 2)—the youngest daughter of Mr. Bennet.
  • Mr. Charles Bingley (ch 3)—the wealthy new tenant of Netherfield Park.
  • Miss Caroline Bingley (ch 3)—Mr. Bingley’s unmarried sister.
  • Mrs. Louisa Hurst (ch 3)—Mr. Bingley’s married sister.
  • Mr. Hurst (ch 3)— Mr. Bingley’s brother-in-law.
  • Mr. Darcy (ch 3)—Mr. Bingley’s best friend and owner of Pemberley.
  • Miss Charlotte Lucas (ch 5)—Elizabeth’s intimate friend.
  • Mrs. Philips (ch 7)—Mrs. Bennet’s sister, who lives in Meryton.
  • Mr. William Collins (ch 13)—Mr. Bennet’s cousin, the rector of Hunsford, and the heir of Longbourn.
  • Lady Catherine de Bourgh (ch 13)—the patroness of Mr. Collins, and Mr. Darcy’s aunt.
  • Mr. George Wickham (ch 15)—an army officer and the son of Mr. Darcy’s father’s steward.
  • Mrs. Gardiner (ch 25)—Mrs. Benet’s sister who lives in London.
  • Colonel Fitzwilliam (ch 30)--Mr. Darcy's cousin.
  • Mrs. Reynolds (ch 43)--the housekeeper of Pemberley who watched over Darcy and Wickham as children.
  • Georgiana Darcy (ch 44)—Mr. Darcy’s younger sister.

Chapter Summaries

  1. Mrs. Bennet asks her husband to call upon the new tenant of Netherfield Park.
  2. Mr. Bennet reveals that he introduced himself to Mr. Bingley.
  3. Mr. Bingley and his household attend a Meryton assembly. Mr. Darcy insults Elizabeth, but Mr. Bingley dances with Jane twice.
  4. Jane and Elizabeth talk of the ball.
  5. The women of the Lucas family visit Longbourn to speak of the dance.\
  6. Elizabeth and Charlotte discuss Jane and Mr. Bingley. At a party, Elizabeth refuses to dance with Mr. Darcy.
  7. Soldiers arrive in Meryton. Jane goes to Netherfield in the rain and catches cold. Elizabeth goes to see her the next day.
  8. Elizabeth nurses her sister and talks with Mr. Darcy of accomplished women.
  9. Mrs. Bennet visits Netherfield.
  10. Both letter-writing and Mr. Darcy’s character are discussed.
  11. Mr. Darcy’s character is discussed even more.
  12. Sunday arrives, and Elizabeth and Jane depart for home.
  13. Mr. Collins arrives at Longbourn.
  14. Mr. Collins fails to charm the Benet family.
  15. Mr. Collins decides to marry Elizabeth. The Bennet daughters meet Mr. Wickham, who encounters Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley.
  16. In Meryton the Bennet daughters have dinner with Mr. Wickham, who tells Elizabeth of his connection to Mr. Darcy.
  17. The Bennets are invited to the Netherfield ball.
  18. Elizabeth is mortified by her family at the Netherfield ball.
  19. Mr. Collins asks Elizabeth to marry him, but she refuses.
  20. Mrs. Bennet fails to convince Elizabeth to accept the offer.
  21. Jane receives a letter from Miss Bingley, who writes that her party has left Netherfield for the winter.
  22. Mr. Collins asks for the hand of Charlotte, who tells Elizabeth the next day.
  23. Weeks pass, Mr. Collins returns, and no news is had from Mr. Bingley.
  24. Elizabeth and Jane discuss the latter’s jilting by Mr. Bingley.
  25. The Gardiners come to Longbourn for Christmas and invite Jane to return to London with them.
  26. Mrs. Gardiner gives Elizabeth advice. Charlotte is married. Jane writes from London.
  27. Elizabeth stops by London on her way to see Charlotte.
  28. Elizabeth arrives at the Collins' and is invited to Rosings for the next day.
  29. Elizabeth visits Lady Catherine for dinner.
  30. Sir William leaves but weeks pass for Elizabeth. Colonel Fitzwilliam and Mr. Darcy arrive.
  31. Elizabeth and Colonel Fitzwilliam tease Darcy while at Rosings.
  32. Mr. Darcy visits Elizabeth until the others arrive.
  33. Elizabeth meets Colonel Fitzwilliam on a walk. He confirms the details of Mr. Bingley's departure.
  34. Mr. Darcy proposes to Elizabeth.
  35. Elizabeth receives a letter from Mr. Darcy explaining Mr. Wickham and Mr. Bingley.
  36. Elizabeth ponders Mr. Darcy's letter.
  37. The gentlemen leave and Elizabeth tells Lady Catherine she must also.
  38. Elizabeth leaves for the Gardiners'.
  39. Lydia and Kitty meet Elizabeth and Jane and they return home.
  40. Elizabeth and Jane speak of Mr. Darcy's letter (relating to Wickham).
  41. Lydia decides to go to Brighton, which Elizabeth contests with her father. Wickham and Elizabeth speak briefly.
  42. Elizabeth learns the Gardiners cannot go to the lakes; they instead decide to visit Pemberley.
  43. Elizabeth and the Gardiners tour Pemberley with Mrs. Reynolds. They meet Mr. Darcy and walk along the stream.
  44. The Darcys and Bingleys visit Elizabeth and the Gardiners at the Lambton Inn.
  45. The Gardiners and Elizabeth are guests at Pemberley and Elizabeth ponders her feelings on Mr. Darcy.
  46. Jane writes to Elizabeth that Lydia has left with Wickham; Elizabeth runs into Darcy in her haste to leave.
  47. Elizabeth and the Gardiners travel home. Mr. Bennet and Mr. Gardiner go to town while the family waits.
  48. The Gardiners leave; Mr. Bennet home. Family still waiting.
  49. Lydia is to marry Wickham; Mrs. Bennet recovers.
  50. Mr. Bennet continues to be unhappy with Lydia while Elizabeth decides Mr. Darcy is the most suitable man for her.
  51. Lydia and Wickham are married and home. Elizabeth is curious of Mr. Darcy's involvement.
  52. Elizabeth hears from her aunt about Mr. Darcy and has a conversation with Mr. Wickham.
  53. Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy visit.
  54. Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy come to dinner.
  55. Mr. Bingley comes alone twice. He and Jane are engaged.
  56. Lady Catherine de Bourgh visits and orders Elizabeth not to marry Mr. Darcy.
  57. Mr. Bennet receives a letter from Mr. Collins.
  58. Mr. Darcy comes; he and Elizabeth are engaged.
  59. Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth ask her parents for permission and a blessing.
  60. Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth write and receive letters.
  61. The married couples live elsewhere; they give Lydia money and all live happily.

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