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Tender Is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald


  • Rosemary Hoyt (Book One, Chapter 1)— A young American actress
  • Elsie Speers (Book One, Chapter 1)— Rosemary's mother
  • Campion (Book One, Chapter 1)— A man Rosemary meets on the beach
  • Violet McKisco (Book One, Chapter 1)— The wife of Albert McKisco
  • Albert McKisco (Book One, Chapter 1)—An author Rosemary meets on the beach in France
  • Abe North (Book One, Chapter 2)— A friend of Dick's and a once famous musician
  • Nicole Diver (Book One, Chapter 2)— The mentally unstable wife and one-time patient of Dick Diver
  • Dick Diver (Book One, Chapter 2)—An up and coming psychologist and Rosemary's love interest
  • Earl Brady (Book One, Chapter 3)—A movie producer in a French studio
  • Tommy Barban (Book One, Chapter 4)—An adventurous friend of Dick and Nicole's, he having an affair with and marrying Nicole
  • Collis Clay (Book One, Chapter 16)—Rosemary's young man from Yale
  • Franz Gregorovius (Book Two, Chapter 2)—Nicole's doctor in Zurich
  • Dr. Dohlmer (Book Two, Chapter 2)—The founder of Dohlmer's clinic, where Nicole is treated
  • Devereux Warren (Book Two, Chapter 3)—The father of Nicole. He molested her after Nicole's mother died
  • Beth "Baby" Warren (Book Two, Chapter 10)—Nicole's sister

Chapter Summaries

Book One
  1. Rosemary and her mother arrive at a resort in southern France called Gausse's Hotel. A man warns her about sharks. A group recognizes her on the beach, and they introduce themselves as Mrs. Abrams, Mrs. McKisco, Mr. McKisco, and Mr. Dumphry.
  2. Rosemary and her beach companions go for a walk and a swim. Abe North is introduced to Rosemary; he seems incredibly sad. Rosemary sees Mrs. Diver and her two children playing on the beach. Later, Rosemary talks to a charismatic man in a jockey cap who turns out to be Dr. Dick Diver.
  3. Rosemary tells her mother she has fallen in love on the beach. Her mother makes her agree to see Brady sometime soon. She takes a train ride to Cannes where she sees Mrs. Diver sitting in her car. French life is depressing to Rosemary, and she is happy to return to Gausse's Hotel.
  4. The next day on the beach, Dick Diver approaches Rosemary courteously and she converses with his circle of friends. She realizes from their things that they are a wealthy bunch. Dick's bathing suit impresses Rosemary, and later she cries with her mother because she loves Dick but also likes his wife.
  5. Rosemary visits Brady at his studio.
  6. Dick hosts a dinner, one which he tells Nicole he wants to be a real party with hurt feelings and brawls. Rosemary's mother approves of Dick, and Rosemary, hoping for something more personal, is disappointed with the large size of the party.
  7. The Diver's impress everyone with their ability to entertain their guests and make them feel wanted. Abruptly, the party guests disperse to other areas of the house and the Diver's disappear. Mrs. McKisco comes rushing down from the upstairs excitedly and won't reveal why.
  8. Dick and Rosemary talk alone, and he suggests that she go to Paris with himself and Nicole too see Abe off to America. Rosemary tells Dick she loves him.
  9. Rosemary dreams of a potential future with Dick. In the middle of the night, she goes for a walk and finds a weeping Campion. He tells her that it is better to be young and cold than to suffer lost love's sorrows. He tells her there is a duel between Tommy Barban and Mr. McKisco because Tommy Barban threatened Mrs. McKisco not to tell what she had seen in the bathroom. Abe North suddenly appears and angrily asks if Campion has told Rosemary anything.
  10. Abe recounts the origin of the duel to Rosemary. Mr. McKisco is prepared to keep his end of the duel bargain so that his wife will respect him.
  11. Rosemary goes with Campion to the duel on her mother's orders. Both Tommy and McKisco emerge unharmed. Rosemary keeps thinking about being with Dick.
  12. The Divers, the Norths, and two musicians are waiting for Rosemary at a restaurant. She notices that people are always asking the Divers where they've been hiding. Rosemary overhears a loving and passionate conversation between Nicole and Dick and is deeply moved. Nicole and Rosemary go shopping together.
  13. Dick and Rosemary go in a group to Paris. Rosemary cries when Dick tells her to be sad, and they see a Tennessee girl who cannot find her brother's grave.
  14. Abe has begun to drink more as they travel. Rosemary is turning eighteen soon, and they all agree there needs to be a celebration.
  15. Rosemary once again tells Dick she is in love with him and Nicole. She kisses him, and begins to cry. Dick tries to console her and kisses her again without real emotion or passion. In her room, Rosemary asks him to make love to her. Dick says he loves Nicole and will not do it.
  16. They meet up with Collis Clay, and for the first time Rosemary is jealous of Nicole's beauty. Dick and Collis watch Daddy's Girl with Rosemary and Dick is impressed by her innocence and beauty.
  17. They visit an unpleasant historical house full of Americans and Englishmen. Dick and Rosemary leave early and kiss in the taxi. Dick says he loves Rosemary, but Nicole can never know.
  18. Dick throws a wild party. However, the Divers announce they are leaving early. Rosemary realizes the party wasn't fun without Dick there.
  19. Nicole and Abe bicker in the train station. A women Nicole is acquainted with refuses to speak to her, and then shoots an Englishman twice.
  20. Rosemary gets a stomach cramp and leaves lunch. Collis tells Dick a story about Rosemary and Bill Hillis in a compromising situation years ago. Dick is shocked.
  21. Dick is approached by a man in the street. Rosemary talks to Dick on the phone. Dick continues to dwell on Bill Hillis. Dick and Nicole go out to a play.
  22. A police officer wakes up Nicole with a knock and asks where he can find Abe. The officer says they found the Negro who robbed him. She gets a call from a Mr. Crawshow, a black man who is friends with the Divers and wants help with one Mr. Freeman who was thrown in jail unjustly. Nicole hangs up and goes shopping with Rosemary. That night, Dick says he has started a race riot to free Freeman. He obsesses over Bill Hillis and the curtain in the train.
  23. Abe drinks at the Ritz Bar and talks with Paul. Jules Peterson requests to see him.
  24. Dick comes to Rosemary's room. Abe surprises them with a knock, and explains the situation with Jules Peterson.
  25. Rosemary finds a dead Negro stretched out on her bed and screams. Dick cleans the mess up while Nicole has a mental breakdown.

Book Two
  1. The book jumps backwards to the spring of 1917. Dick is only 27, and living in Zurich, Switzerland. He avoided joining the war effort because he was working towards his degree. After he receives his degree and becomes an official doctor, he works in France for a short time before returning to Zurich.
  2. Dick meets with Franz Gregorovius, the doctor of a certain patient by the name of Nicole. It is revealed that she has been writing letters to him for some eight odd months. Though initially insane, the letters showed signs of normality towards the later period.
  3. Dr. Dohlmer and Mr. Warren meet and discuss Nicole. She is diagnosed with schizophrenia.
  4. Franz takes on Warren's case with the stipulation he will leave her alone for four years. Franz, Dohlmer and Dick examine Nicole's letters.
  5. Nicole and Dick interact for the first time. They seem to have an immediate romantic spark.
  6. Dick reveals his love for Nicole to Franz and Dohlmer. They both dissuade him from proposing marriage to her, and that he will stay away from her.
  7. Nicole prepares to return to America. Dick and Nicole talk more and it is obvious that Dick is trying to detach.
  8. Dick remains extremely upset about Nicole for the following weeks. He runs into her on a cable car and soon decides to change hotels away from her.
  9. Dick and Nicole confess their love for each other and kiss. Sadly, Dick has to take Nicole back to the train for Zurich.
  10. Beth meets with Dick to make sure he isn't trying to marry her for money. Nicole has two children, and begins to go slightly off-kilter after the second.
  11. Rosemary's mother tells Dick that she is the only man Rosemary has ever loved. Dick thinks about Nicole's recent acts of insanity.
  12. Dick contemplates Nicole's spending habits and considers playing the piano. Also, he feels that her mental state is fragile.
  13. Franz proposes his idea of opening up a clinic to Dick. He would just need a little funding from the Divers. Beth says that she and Dick should consider it. Dick is insulted that she thinks she has so much power over him. He does, however, agree to open the clinic with Franz because of Nicole's mental condition.
  14. Dick dreams about the war. The clinic opens and patients begin coming in.
  15. Dick and Nicole receive a letter from a discharged patient who Dick had kissed. Dick denies the letter is true, and the two fight. Nicole causes the Divers to get in car crash.
  16. Dick takes Nicole to the Psychiatric Convention.
  17. At a cafe, Dick runs across Tommy and his friend, a Prince. They talk about their recent travels in Russia in hiding, and Dick is told that Abe North was beaten to death in New York.
  18. Dick is extremely confused about Rosemary and Nicole. He starts to look at any attractive woman and have feelings for her. He sails for America.
  19. Dick arrives in New York and realizes he has no ties to the place anymore. He goes back to Naples and sees Rosemary who has developed into a more worldly woman than the young girl he had known.
  20. Rosemary and Dick kiss. She takes him to her set the next day. Later, they sleep together.
  21. Baby runs into Dick and they talk about Nicole and her condition. Dick thinks he still loves Nicole. He realizes that he and Rosemary are no longer in love, and leaves.
  22. Dick goes to a bar with Collis and gets drunk. He gets in a fight with a taxi cab driver, and then punches a police officer.
  23. Baby Warren receives a message that Dick is in jail for fighting with a police officer. She comes to bail him out, and is angry with him. He feels ashamed.

Book Three
  1. Kaethe Gregorovius criticizes Dick for marry Nicole for her money and for not being a serious man any longer. She also shows doubt that the mental health issues of Nicole are entirely out of Nicole's control.
  2. Dick is asked to cure a man of homosexuality in Lausanne. While there, he hears that Nicole's father is lying dying nearby. Mr. Warren tells Dick that he wants to see Nicole one last time before he dies. Dick reluctantly agrees. But when Nicole is about to go to him, Mr. Warren has disappeared.
  3. Dick gets in a row with one of his patients over his drinking. Franz agrees that Dick may have a drinking problem, and suggests he take a leave of absence. Dick leaves the clinic entirely.
  4. His family becomes the focus of Dick's attention and he spends most of his time with them. The Divers become very well known. When visiting Mary, Dick accidentally insults her and they part on bad terms.
  5. Dick fires Augustine for telling him he drinks too much. Meanwhile, the yacht stops alongside another, the T.F. Golding, for a party and Tommy is aboard. Dick accuses Nicole of ruining them, and Tommy ends up driving them both home with Dick drunk asleep in the front seat.
  6. Dick apologizes for the previous night, and Nicole realizes her feelings for Tommy. She is ashamed, however, and forgets about him quickly.
  7. Nicole knows that she and Dick are growing apart. He is drinking more, noticeably. The Divers go to the beach together, and Dick tries to show off for Rosemary. Nicole is extremely upset, but begins to realize that she could live without him.
  8. Tommy and Nicole spend the day together. They kiss and Tommy has some harsh words about Dick.
  9. Dick comes back from dropping Rosemary off. Tensions revolving around Tommy and Rosemary are visibly wearing on Dick. Nicole and Dick talk, and Nicole leaves with the knowledge that their marriage is over for good.
  10. The police call late at night and tell Dick that they are holding Mary North and Sibley-Biers. They tell their story to Dick when he bails them out.
  11. Tommy confronts Dick and Nicole at a barbershop. He says that Nicole loves him now, and she confesses that things have never been the same since Rosemary. A divorce is decided upon.
  12. Dick prepares to leave for America. He sees Nicole and Baby on the beach, and asks Mary if she ever liked him once. Her answer is that nearly everyone did before he drank so much.

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