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The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank


  • Anne Frank (June 1942) — the author/ narrator
  • Edith Frank (June 1942)— Anne's mother
  • Otto Frank (June 1942)— Anne's Father
  • Margot Frank (June 1942)— Anne's older sister
  • Hello Silberberg (June1942)-- Anne's boy friend before she goes into hiding.
  • Peter Van Daan (July 1942)-- the son of Mr. and Mrs Van Daan, friend and later love interest of Anne
  • Mr. Van Daan (July 1942)-- Peter's father
  • Mrs. Van Daan (July 1942)-- Peter's mother
  • Albert Dussel (November 1942)- a family friend who lives with them

Chapter Summaries

  1. June 1942 Anne starts her diary. She provides details about aspects of her life like school friends and family. She has not yet moved to the annex.
  2. July 1942 Anne writes about her relationship with her boyfriend Hello. Her father decides to go into hiding before the Germans come and the family makes preparations. Anne and her family move to the annex. The Van Daan family moves into the annex. She describes life in hiding.
  3. August-October 1942 The annex gets a few visits from Mr. Kleiman, Miep Gies and Bep Voskuijl all friends from the office below.
  4. November 1942 Albert Dussel moves into the annex and describes what’s going on outside.
  5. December 1942- February 1943 Tensions mount between the inhabitants of the annex
  6. March- April 1943 Anne writes about what is going on outside of their hiding place and concludes that she is better off than most in their hiding place.
  7. May- July 1943 Anne discusses her studies. They hear noises downstairs and suspect a burglar.
  8. August 1943 There is an air raid and Amsterdam gets bombed. They are required to turn in their radio.
  9. September-December 1943 They learn that Mussolini has be unseated and that Italy has surrendered which gives them hope that the war will be over soon.
  10. January 1944 Anne begins to confide things in Peter and she notices her attitude towards him changing.
  11. February 1944 Peter wishes he were not born a Jew and says that he wants to distance himself from the religion. Another thief breaks in down stairs. burglar
  12. March 1944 The man who supplies them food is arrested so the families must get their food from the black market.
  13. April 1944 Anne discusses sex and sexuality with Peter and her sister. A story comes on the radio discussing diaries about the war and Anne writes that she thinks that people might find hers interesting. There is another break in downstairs. This time the burglar tries to move the book case that hides the annex. Peter kisses Anne on the cheek.
  14. May 1944 Anne tells her father about her relationship with Peter and he warns her not to take it too seriously.
  15. June 1944 Anne writes about her parents’ lives and a short family history. They learn that the Allies have landed a Normandy which gives everyone hope.
  16. July –August 1944 Anne writes of Allied progress and improved spirits in the annex.
  17. Epilogue There was a raid on the annex. All of the occupants were sent to concentration camps. Anne died in March of 1945 two months before the liberation of her concentration camp.

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